Monday, February 7, 2011

That's One BRIGHT Quilt!!

A quilt I finally finished for one of my grandsons.  This is such a simple pattern, yet it was a year and a half in the making! 

I didn't realize 'til I uploaded these that I suppose I should have put a small border between the pieced section and the borders.  The orange touches the orange on the left side, which is fine, but the right side doesn't have them!  Think he will care!?

Close up of pattern.  My friend Lori quilted it for me!  Thanks Lori!


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Sheree said...

It's not fair that you have a friend who will quilt it for you! Hmmm.. If I had one of the same then all my quilts would be finished! Haha!
I'm working on two of everything quilts right now in case twins are born.. they run in the family. One day they'll be finished and I'll post them on my blog too!
Really cute quilt by the way! I'm sure he won't even notice that the orange touches orange!