Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ladybug Olivia

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!!

I wanted to make a card with a ladybug for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday.  Once I got the ladybug made it was harder to pull the card together.  I thought this was okay until I uploaded the photo and thought it just doesn't look right.  I think it's because the ladybug is disproportionate to the little pinwheel.  So I'll have to go back to the drawing board to design another.

However, I don't think Olivia minded at all how the card looked.  It was filled will more than adequate amounts of love from her Gramma and Grandpa!!  LOVE YOU OLIVIA!  Happy Birthday!!



Scrappin' Abz said...

Awe!!! I say roll with it! It's super cute and there are no rules when it comes to crafting :) Love all the cards u make!

Ann said...

Very cute, I'm sure she loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom!! Olivia absolutely loved it! And I loved it too considering her nickname is Ladybug ;) Thanks for putting that that TLC into making cards for the kids - they are always curious what you will come up with next! xoxo