Monday, June 13, 2011

Mega Swap 2004 Goes to Ronald McDonald House!!

In 2007 when my daughter Stephanie became a demonstrator, her upline Betsy Kingma generously gave her a whole slew of swaps as inspiration.  Fast forward to 2011...Stephanie is no longer a demonstrator and I am!!  I have therefore inherited the swaps!!  When cleaning my stamp space, I decided I needed to do something with these swaps.  Stephanie's son's (my gandson) need for the use of a Ronald McDonald House first happened 4 years ago.  This in itself is a separate post, and I will indeed post her story in the near future.

They will be going once again to a Ronald McDonald House likely within the next month.  I decided I would turn any of the swaps that could be remotely considered a thank you into Thank You cards to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Montreal, Quebec where they will be staying.  Guests of RMH could use them as they see fit.

So....this is the first set of 10 cards.  I'll post them 10 at a time until all 40 cards from this swap have been posted.

If you were involved in the 2004 Mega Swap, maybe your card front is here or one of the next few posts!!!


Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the stamping styles of 2004!!!

Your swaps are very much appreciated!!



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