Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mining for Memories Photos

Group photo!  One similar to this will be in the Winter Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker.  We were all thrilled to have co-founder Katharina Doyle come to Red Lake for our Mining for Memories Scrapbooking convention.  That's her front and centre on the right with our fearless leader Catherine Mochrie on the left.  Thanks Lori for providing me with the photo!

Saturday workshop ladies with their easel cards.  Hope you had fun.

Below:  Friday workshop ladies!!!  Thanks for the picture Andrea!!

Katharina Doyle (Canadian Scrapbooker) and Bev Beaudette (Scrapaholix Canada)
Such an honour to have them both here.  I know we'll be seeing Bev again!

Next convention is January 2011!


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Golden Amik said...

HI Cindy! Sorry I didn't get my picture to you from your class. It's now posted on Facebook if you want to lift it. I'm terrible at updating pictures. :o)